Tenant-Centered Real Estate Solutions

Landmark’s integrated service model provides clients with a multi-disciplinary team, all operating within the same ecosystem. This means that each client has a dedicated team of Lease Administrators, Transaction Managers, Lawyers, Accountants, Lease Auditors, and Market Intelligence specialists leveraging each other’s knowledge and skill set all for the common objective of creating and delivering value.

Landmark’s Lease Administration services reach well beyond the industry standard of simply tracking lease expiries and organizing lease documents. Seasoned experts follow a detailed and systematic lease management process to accurately organize and control occupancy costs and real estate related expenses.

Beyond executing day-to-day transactions, our seasoned Transaction team leverages an integrated corporate services platform to deliver efficient, cost-effective results. Landmark executes hundreds of transactions every year in primary, secondary and tertiary markets. A service-driven business model ensures that every project gets equal attention regardless of its size.

Landmark’s in-house Legal Department provides expertise in real estate related legal matters. Our legal experts draft, negotiate, and coordinate documentation in accordance with established guidelines tailored for each client and at a fraction of the costs for external legal counsel while providing a fluid transaction process.

Real estate is often one of the largest expenditures for a business after payroll and while these costs continue to rise, most tenants are left confused and uncertain as to what they should and should not be paying as part of their lease. Landmark’s Lease Audit team recovers erroneously paid amounts and reduces future occupancy costs.

Landmark’s global reach touches all markets within North America and abroad. Our Market Intelligence team gathers, analyzes and distributes market intelligence in order to better equip organizations to make informed decisions in their site selection process and real estate strategy.

Control your project timing, delivery, cost, and quality throughout all phases of the project lifecycle with our Project Management team. A full range of related services including planning and design, procurement support services, ongoing provision of facility operations, maintenance, and closeout support services is also available.

Whether its designing and implementing a real estate strategy, executing occupancy cost reduction initiatives or simply providing back office administrative support, Landmark offers unique commercial tenant representation expertise and knowledge to its clients in all facets of real estate.