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Your most immediate and impactful option is to just stop paying rent or to reduce your rental payments by some percentage, either across your entire portfolio or in select locations. If this decision is taken unilaterally (without the landlord’s consent) it will have major implications on both parties.

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  • Withholding rent will put you in default of your obligations under the lease.

  • Once in default, you are exposed to:

    • Possible lease termination,

    • Claims for damages,

    • Repossession of  equipment/inventory,

    • Other risks  specific to your lease.

  • Can result in major damage to the relationship you hold with the landlord.

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  • Without notice or discussion, the landlord is unable to prepare for the sudden loss of income.

  • Many landlords depend on rental income to honour mortgage payments. The loss of rent could result in mortgage default.


Taking this action unilaterally, creates a benefit for the tenant entirely at the expense of the landlord.


The appropriate course of action is to negotiate with your landlord to secure a forgiveness of rent (full or partial) over a mutually agreed upon period of time.

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