Landmark Rebrands

Landmark has always empowered its clients through a relationship and value-driven real estate strategy. Staffed with a team of market intelligence specialists, lawyers, transaction managers, accountants and lease administrators, Landmark has redefined tenant representation as a partnership, not a contract. This marks a fundamentally different approach from service providers in the industry who are primarily transaction oriented. Above all, Landmark helps tenants leverage their real estate as an asset and no longer view it as a burden.

Canada-Wide Commercial Real Estate Experts. Expertise. Integrity. Accountability.

The real estate industry is infamously known as a laggard – one that slowly adapts to the market, if at all. In seeking to reverse this trend, Landmark has created a business model to better suit today’s rapidly changing conditions.

Delivering corporate real estate services since the 1980s, Landmark views its experience as one of its greatest assets. Having studied the ebbs and flows of the global market for decades, the firm integrates this cumulative knowledge into each of its operations. A witness to the industry’s evolution through the years, the company has leveraged its expertise into a tangible and tested business model centered on Canadian tenant representation. Landmark acts as an advisor to firms who wish to outsource their real estate functions and capitalize on industry-best practices. This approach fosters continuity and accountability, a must-have for firms with varied real estate portfolios in today’s market.

Landmark President Robert Cressaty knows that evolving the company’s business strategy is the key to success - offering a superior alternative to the traditional brokerage model. He views Landmark’s adaptability as critical; a dynamic and progressive approach that responds best to clients’ needs.

Landmark’s most recent innovations embody the company philosophy. “We were born out of a property management firm that was representing private and institutional landlords”, explains Cressaty. “This early foundation gave us an in-depth and behind the scenes view of how landlords negotiate leases and manage their tenants. It was clear to us that there existed a lack of knowledge and expertise among tenants’ in-house real estate teams, and the typical brokerage model did not appear to adequately serve the unique needs of tenants in a way that produced true value and benefit.”

Now, Landmark’s image will match its cutting-edge approach. The company unveiled a new look and logo on September 20th, 2019 during its inaugural “Landmark Day”. The day was spent celebrating the Landmark Team which is the backbone of the company. This new look favors clean, strong, graphics with a simplified approach. The idea is that the quality of work and depth of expertise speaks for itself. The message invites you to develop a relationship with Landmark, to leave your real estate needs in good hands, and to “Partner Smarter”.


About Landmark Advisory Services

Landmark Advisory Services is a Canadian real estate company specialized in commercial tenant representation. Landmark provides a full range of services including lease audit, lease administration, transaction management, legal services, market intelligence, and consulting and advisory services. Landmark’s innovative business model allows its clients to get more value out of their leased property. For more information, visit