Landmark Expands into Facility and Project Management

Landmark Advisory Services, a Canadian commercial real estate consultancy, announced today its expansion into Facility and Project Management Services. Landmark will consolidate, standardize, and bundle facility and project management activities for its clients across their national network of facilities. The company will employ technology innovations allowing its clients to capture, track, and categorize facility-related expenses with the objective of increasing efficiency and reducing overall real estate occupancy costs.

Landmark has generated millions of dollars in reduced real estate costs to support our clients
This expansion will provide Landmark clients additional value and efficiency by way of increased expertise and accountability.

Landmark will oversee and coordinate the planning, design, permitting and construction of projects on behalf of its clients. Landmark’s scope of services will include the coordination of tenant improvements, major repairs, building inspections, capital replacements, ground-up development, preventative maintenance programs, due diligence, and financial and budgeting support.

Landmark’s focus on representing only tenants reinforces intense focus on satisfying space users and their diverse needs as they pertain to effective real estate management. The firm serves as an external real estate department for multi-national organizations with broad and dispersed footprints by providing an integrated platform of services including: market intelligence, transaction management, real estate legal services, facility and project management, audit and lease administration and general consulting.

Landmark President, Robert Cressaty says: “Expanding into facility and project management is an important next step in Landmark’s evolution and development strategy. This expansion will provide our clients additional value and efficiency by way of increased expertise and accountability. Leveraging a national network of facilities to generate preferential pricing is something Landmark will prioritize to generate economic benefit to our clients. This applies to all aspects of physical maintenance and management of properties.”

About Landmark

Landmark Advisory Services is a Canadian real estate advisory firm specialized in commercial tenant representation. Landmark’s innovative business model enables its clients to derive more value from their leased property portfolios. For more information, visit