Rely on top-tier commercial real estate legal support at a fraction of market cost. Our in-house legal department is specialized in commercial real estate law (both civil and common law) and is by your side to draft, review, negotiate and coordinate documentation for all your real estate needs. Our legal team will protect your interests through focused advice and guidance.

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Our team will help you reduce the risks associated with your commercial real estate lease portfolio by establishing and maintaining standard lease templates, standardized language, and corporate guidelines for all your legal documents.

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Negotiating a complex lease back and forth can quickly add up when you are being charged on an hourly basis, especially when communicating with an external group (rather than an integrated team such as ours). Benefit from top-tier Canadian law firm expertise on a per document fee model that will save you time and money.

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Our legal team has decades of expertise in tenant representation, drafting and negotiating hundreds of contracts while assuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Real estate lawyers should always be used for real estate legal matters. Free up your own legal team to focus on issues that are critical to your company.

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Law & Negotiation in Canada

While Canadian and American commercial leases share much in common, there are subtle differences that are important to consider when working with clients who have real estate interests in Canada.

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Commercial Real Estate Leases: Law & Negotiation in Canada

Understanding the difference between Quebec and the rest of Canada when it comes to assigning the lease is crucial, as it directly defines which party is legally obligated by the conditions of the lease.

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