Hold your landlords accountable and ensure that you are not overpaying occupancy costs. Our Lease Audit team identifies overpaid occupancy costs and recovers them leading to savings within your real estate portfolio. First, we examine the existing terms of your lease agreements, verify all past real estate related invoices, and certify that all year-end operating expenses and tax reconciliations are exact. This process provides an in-depth analysis of your current lease and clarifies which costs are the responsibility of either the landlord or the tenant while measuring them against actual payments.

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Money Back in Your Pocket

Our experience has shown that many landlords are routinely overcharging tenants on a slew of occupancy related costs. Get money back by recovering overpaid amounts from previous years. Landmark is only compensated if money is recovered during a lease audit, so there is no financial risk to you. Use experts to hold your landlords accountable.

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Devil is in the Details

In-house accounting departments often do not have the time or expertise required to carefully validate all real estate related charges. Paying invoices without proper review and validation often leads to overpayment of rent. An experienced real estate auditor will identify amounts that seem unaligned with market and can recommend to immediately investigate the details of a suspicious account.

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Protection & Prevention

The audit process identifies all disadvantageous clauses in your lease, preparing for future lease re-negotiations. By removing these clauses, you protect yourself from erroneous charges in the future. Furthermore, we will ensure that the investment of time and money spent on negotiating lease clauses is captured by benefiting from audit rights.

95 %

Invoices with Billing Errors

5.00 $

Average Audit Savings (per SF)

Lease Audit Expertise

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Lease Audit Services: Why invoice auditing is important

Expertise in commercial real estate lease administration and audit is crucial to reduce costs and pay the appropriate share of common area charges as per your lease.

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Outsourcing Lease Auditing to Experts

The recipe for having a profitable business should be quite simple: find a way to have more revenues than operating expenses. Cost reduction can be just as important as a sudden boost of sales.

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