Protecting your real estate interests also includes effective physical management of your facilities. We will respond to and coordinate unforeseen maintenance issues, and design and implement preventative maintenance programs to assist in extending the useful life of equipment and fixtures within your premises. You will benefit from a single point of contact that communicates critical information to internal stakeholders.

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By partnering closely with our Transaction and Legal teams, we ensure that all landlord’s work is properly negotiated into your leases. Accurately understand responsibility for repairs and maintenance and avoid unexpected surprises such as paying for a leaky roof, replacing an old HVAC system or repaving the parking lot.

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Budget Benefits

We leverage our buying power given the many locations and projects we oversee across Canada to obtain favourable pricing on labor, materials, and equipment. This means better pricing for items such as HVAC maintenance, waste management, racking, equipment, and more, all to your benefit.

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Be Ready

Minimize potential downtime to your business by staying ahead of repairs, required safety and fire code improvements, early identification of structural issues, and more. We will proactively manages your facilities rather than reacting to emergencies.

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Annual Cost Reductions

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Active Markets Across Canada

Facility Management Expertise

Facility Management

Efficiently Managing Your Facilities

Discover the keys to thriving and enduring commercial real estate projects through a comprehensive approach to facility management.

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Why is Facility Management so Important?

Why is Facility Management Important?

Good facility management will ensure that your space is maintained at a level that keeps employees safe and happy.

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