Vallen’s New Edmonton Distribution Center: A Success Story

Vallen Edmonton DC


Vallen’s existing Edmonton area Distribution Center was constrained by its site size and physical characteristics which was not able to accommodate expansion or modernization of the facility. With few buildings exceeding 100,000 square feet and a high demand for modern industrial space, the Edmonton industrial market did not have built supply ready to meet Vallen’s space needs.


Landmark’s Market Intelligence and Transactions teams meticulously gathered market data, zoning regulations, and construction estimates, providing Vallen with vital information for site selection. Serving as a crucial liaison among developers, municipal authorities, and consultants, Landmark facilitated communication, ensuring alignment toward the shared objective of finding an appropriate site. After exhaustive research and presentation of numerous options, Vallen gained the insights needed to make an informed decision about relocation which led to Vallen leasing a modern and brand-new facility to facilitate the modernization of their operations.


In response to challenges with Edmonton’s industrial landscape, Vallen, through Landmark, eventually pursued and leased a new construction site for their Distribution Center in Fulton Creek Business Park. This 170,000+ sq ft state-of-the-art facility features the most up-to-date technology and automation, all designed with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Landmark worked closely with Vallen’s Executive and Operations teams to ensure a smooth transition, with the facility opening one month ahead of schedule on April 29, 2024. This achievement highlights Landmark’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions and signifies a significant advancement for Vallen in its mission as an industry leader in industrial MRO and safety products.

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