Mastering Canadian CRE in Uncertain Economic Times

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As committed real estate advisors, our primary goal is to provide priceless market insights, especially during challenging times. Currently, Canada’s economic landscape grapples with ongoing hurdles such as high interest rates, labor shortages, geopolitical tensions, and dwindling exports. The year 2023 has witnessed a downturn in activity and a decrease in transactions. We acknowledge the complexities involved in obtaining reliable data and conducting research amidst this uncertainty.

To equip you with an all-encompassing understanding of the competitive Canadian CRE landscape, even during periods of reduced activity, we propose the following strategies:

Thorough Data Analysis

Rather than focusing solely on your specific submarket, our approach involves a broad analysis, gathering and assessing current property and market data from various regions across Canada. This method offers a more holistic view of the entire market.

Leveraging Diverse Data Sources and Valuation Methods

We utilize a wide range of data sources, including new developments, commercial property listings, and sales transactions. This varied dataset highlights the factors impacting your assets or portfolio, facilitating informed decision-making. Where comparable data is scarce, we can apply alternative valuation methods like the cost or income approach, depending on the property type.

Off-Market Intelligence

Our vast network of nationwide CRE professionals provides access to valuable off-market listings and insider knowledge. This network not only enhances our understanding of the market but also uncovers hidden opportunities.

Tracking CRE Trends

We continuously monitor CRE trends, including those related to the weakening job market, housing trends, pace of development, subletting patterns, interest rate changes, increasing fuel costs, immigration policies, and construction costs. Recognizing these trends is essential for making informed decisions.

Understanding Market Context

We deeply explore the dynamics of the residential market, the emergence of new communities, city-wide growth plans, changes in land use regulations, and significant infrastructure projects. These crucial factors significantly influence the CRE landscape, informing your investment strategies.

Prioritizing Key Metrics

We assist you in identifying and prioritizing essential metrics for financial analysis and modeling in the CRE domain. These metrics serve as reliable tools for assessing asset performance and potential.

Locational Analysis and Competitive Landscape

Our analysis doesn’t merely consider your clientele’s locations; it also includes your competitors and workforce. Our analysis and mapping facilitate visualization, enhancing your understanding of the entire ecosystem, thereby revealing insights and hidden opportunities.

In conclusion, navigating the Canadian CRE landscape in 2023 can be challenging due to reduced activity and data uncertainty. But with our market intelligence services, these challenges can become opportunities.

We provide comprehensive analysis and insights that help you make informed decisions, even in a climate of limited market activity. Ultimately, we’re here to guide you towards success in the Canadian CRE landscape.

Landmark Lauren Philie

Lauren Phillie
Market Research Analyst

Lauren has been part of Landmark Advisory Services since 2021 and is an integral part of our Team.