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Landmark is a commercial real estate advisory services firm whose purpose is to be an industry disruptor and driver of change using a relationship driven model in a transactional structured industry.

Commissions are revenues for the company and are re-invested in human capital, providing added value to space occupiers through our diverse team of real estate experts. We have developed a unique business model ensuring that tenants leverage the value of their covenant and hold their landlords accountable in meeting their lease obligations. We represent tenants only to ensure there is never a conflict of interest. Our foundation is built on creating dedicated partnerships with our clients. To partner with our clients means understanding their business and providing the necessary commercial real estate expertise. We are a true partner. Partner smarter.


  • We are BOLD – We take action and are relentless in pursuing our goals. We go beyond the usual limits of conventional thought and pride ourselves on being industry disruptors.
  • We are COLLABORATIVE – We are a single purpose unit working together to reach our goals. We lean on each other, especially in times of difficulty, and celebrate wins together.
  • We are FOCUSED –  We know what we must accomplish and work tirelessly towards it.  We don’t allow our attention to be diverted. We choose wisely what we do.
  • We are HUMBLE – We know our abilities and seek assistance and guidance when necessary.  We know the importance of taking time to step back and under a relationship-based model as opposed to the industry’s antiquated and traditional transactional model.
  • We are INNOVATIVE – We move with energy and passion and embrace opportunities for change.


Landmark is an honoured member of the SIOR and Exis Global networks, which allow us to partner with experienced market advisors based on unique market, asset and project types.

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