Welcome to a place that does things smarter. A dedicated team that prefers to build partnerships over anything else. Unbiased advisors who know your market – whatever your market – like we know ourselves. And, a multi-service firm that gives itself fully to every client – big or small – near or far. Welcome to a commercial real estate firm that feels like anything but. One fueled by a single objective: to partner up & move forward. Smarter.

Welcome to Landmark. Partner smarter.

We will change the nature of the landlord tenant relationship to ensure equitable and fair treatment of all engaged parties. We accomplish this by partnering with our clients to understand their business and by applying real estate expertise to all aspects of their real estate portfolios. We dedicate ourselves to honing our real estate skills for the ultimate benefit of our partners and ourselves. Effective and constant communication from skilled real estate experts means the best possible results from our dedicated, honest, loyal, accountable and dynamic team.


We provide a fully integrated platform of real estate expertise that is focused on partnerships with our clients. A holistic approach to portfolio optimization results in proactive real estate management driven by technology and expertise. Landmark provides you real estate prowess, accountability and portfolio diagnostics resulting in improved real estate decision making with full cost control. Partner Smarter.

Driven by Service. Powered by Partnership.

  • We represent tenants only. Focused expertise. No conflict of interest.

  • We are salary-based advisors. Value-driven results. Unbiased advice.

  • We are your single point of contact. Efficient communication. Ensured continuity.

  • We are a team of like-minded professionals working toward a common goal. Every project gets the attention it deserves regardless of size.

  • We build long-term client relationships. YOUR best interests drive every project.

  • We provide a fully integrated platform. Streamlined services designed around your unique business needs.

  • We have no restrictions on who we collaborate with locally. Best in class representation to service each specific project anywhere in the world.


Landmark’s heritage of representing commercial tenants goes back more than 30 years. We were born out of a property management firm that was representing private and institutional landlords.


This early foundation gave us an in-depth and behind the scenes view of how landlords negotiate leases and manage their tenants. It was clear to us that there existed a lack of knowledge and expertise among tenants’ in-house real estate teams, and the typical brokerage model did not appear to adequately serve the unique needs of tenants in a way that produced true value and benefit.


We knew there was a better way.

  • We developed a new business model designed entirely around the tenant and its interests

  • We introduced sophisticated software for managing leases and real estate-related expenses

  • We designed proprietary internal control processes to include stringent tracking and benchmarking to review, verify, and process our clients’ lease related expenses

  • We developed pragmatic real estate processes to ensure leases were being managed proactively to create leverage in renewal negotiations

  • We brought in technology to appropriately organize real estate data and give visibility on key portfolio metrics such as total footprint, average occupancy costs, historic and forecasted trends, and benchmarks against market value

  • We brought in experienced professionals and pay them as such. A salary based compensation model ensures there is no temptation from commissions that could lead to biased recommendations

  • We invested in our team to build what is now one of the most robust, experienced, and wide-reaching pool of advisors, providing guidance and focused advice to our clients

  • We developed affiliations and partnerships worldwide to ensure our clients with global real estate considerations would be well served

The end result? A unique real estate advisory and consulting firm:


  • That only services the tenant/user and never the landlord

  • That acts as an extension to its clients’ business. A true partner

  • That makes well thought-out and researched recommendations

  • That designs real estate management processes and real estate strategies aligned to the greater enterprise-wide objectives of its clients

  • That executes on its strategy creating measurable results and reducing occupancy costs

  • That puts its clients interest at the forefront of every decision made



Here at Landmark, we know that our most important partner is our planet. The commercial real estate industry leaves an enormous environmental footprint to begin with, with climate change the most pressing concern. In response, sustainability has become the lens through which we view all Landmark operations.

Landmark takes pride in its environmental consciousness, driven by six pillars of sustainable development: Conservation, Waste, Recycling, Water, Energy and Cleanliness. All aspects of Landmark’s internal operations, from consumption to procurement, are firmly rooted in the respect of these six pillars.

Making use of industry-best technologies like Adobe Sign throughout our workflow, we have reduced our paper consumption by approximately 50% since 2016. We are currently strategizing a new pilot project in which all properties presented to clients would include a study of their environmental footprints.



The way we care about our clients, we care about our community. We are proud to be involved in supporting local charities and organizations.

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